Pinterest for Your Business: 4 Tips to Get You Started

Pinterest-Pin-TimesPinterest is no longer just for creating your secret wedding board, or collecting cool DIY crafts that you will never actually try in real life (guilty). Pinterest is a great way to establish your company and brand as the authority in your industry. You can expand your reach and get your product in front of millions of eyeballs, using quality images and carefully crafted captions. Pinterest allows for higher traffic to your website, because all pins must link to somewhere. And if you think it’s only women who are using it, you are Screenshot (1)sorely mistaken. Comscore reported that one third of all Pinterest sign ups are men. Any business can take advantage of Pinterest’s highly active audience of over 70 million users, and here are a few tips to get you started.

High Quality Images & Rich Pins

When creating your pins, images that are colorful, descriptive, and high resolution will be re-pinned much more frequently. Vertical pins are also a crowd pleaser, partially because of the way users scroll, and because 75% of Pinterest usage takes place on mobile. Hubspot recommends using pins that are about 736 pixels wide with a minimum width of 300 pixels.

Adding rich pins to your repertoire will help your strategy as well. These kind of pins give users more information about your product or service. Product pins with pricing information included, for example, get 36% more likes than those without, according to Shopify. Other kinds of rich pins include recipes or articles, and these kinds of pins make it that much easier for viewers to purchase your product.




Use Text Overlay to Include a Call to Action

You can do this in a subtle way that still tells your audience what their next step should be. This will help explain to customers why they should care about your pin, and where to go next. According to Brandon Gaile, pins with a call to action showed 80% more engagement than those without. That’s a statistic that no one can ignore.  Screenshot (2)                         Screenshot (3)

If you’re not a graphic designer, don’t stress. You can create beautiful graphics for free on a variety of sites, including Canva, which is my personal favorite. Many of their layouts and elements are free of charge, and they make it about as simple as Microsoft Paint (if anyone remembers spending hours using Paint before high speed Internet was the norm, you’re cool!).

Stay Social

Like any social platform, you’ll want to continue to regularly engage and chat with your community; all social strategies should include two way conversations. Be sure to reach out and like, repin, and comment on your follower’s pins. You can dedicate a board specifically for your favorite follower’s pins, showing them that you’re listening to them, and you care about what they care about. You can also add a Pin It button to your website or blog, so users can pin whatever they see on your site, which will in turn link back to your webpage once they pin.

Evergreen Content is King

The beautiful thing about Pinterest is that once your content is out there, it’ll never really fade away. There’s Twitter, where your tweets disappear in minutes (even if you get re-tweeted regularly, the visibility of tweets fade pretty quickly). Facebook has introduced the “save this post” option, which is pretty cool, but when’s the last time you looked back at your saved posts? This is where Pinterest marketing continues to give back to businesses.

Say you run a promoted pin campaign and you get 11 repins. You might not think this is a great return on investment, but consider how many eyes saw those 11 repins. And those eyeballs may repin to their own boards, and so on and so on. As long as your content is evergreen and valuable for long periods of time, your content will continue to be pinworthy, and your hard work designing and creating such beautiful pins will pay off handsomely.

Do you use Pinterest for your business? Please share your own tips and experiences in the comments!


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