First Post

Hello all. I’m going to cut right to the chase; I’ve started this blog for a number of reasons. I firstly wanted to see if I’d have the courage and motivation to create my own blog. Now that I’ve crossed that bridge, I need to find out exactly why I wanted to start one so badly.

Lately, I’ve had this feeling like I need to take my knowledge, my ideas, and my skill-set to see what I can do with it all. I’ve been yearning to accomplish something that is all mine; complete career independence, with my own successes or failures determining the outcome. Maybe it’s that quarter life crisis my older brother told me about.

With that in mind, the WordPress account has been created, and the blogs will soon start to flow. I hope to bring my readers (if I ever have any), informative articles on what’s trending in social media and blogging. I want to bring any business the tools to succeed at any social campaign, because knowledge is power. I want to help anyone looking to get an idea off the ground, and what better way to do so than through social media? It’s such a powerful tool that, when properly utilized, can bring any company more leads, conversions, and a more visible brand identity.

I’m feeling scared, and excited, and maybe a little foolish for starting something that my hopes are set so high on. Here’s to whatever happens next.


7 thoughts on “First Post

  1. I keep fingers crossed and waiting for more ! 🙂 please can you tell my, what happen when you enter the my blog. I mind What language You see english or polish. Because im not shure
    Does the site is translated automatically or no. Thank you for help.


  2. Hey, thanks for checking my review.

    Good for you! Starting a blog costs nothing, so why not, right? If people can learn something off of what you blog about, don’t worry, the readers will come.

    Always remember to tag your posts and, most importantly, write honestly! Good luck!


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